My Design for CSU’s 50th Anniversary: Celebratory Banners

2014 is the year that Cleveland State University turns 50 years old.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of my alma mater, I have designed a banner series which highlights some of the bragging points of Cleveland State.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create a clean, simple vector design that supports the readability of these banners.


current WIP


Here is the finished design!



Flexible Forward

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because the trust is not on the branch, but its own wings.”  Unknown

Flexible Forward is a visual communications campaign to promote the value of a liberal arts education. The campaign is geared toward parents of college students who are ambivalent towards their children taking on a liberal arts major. The goal is to educate those parents on the benefits of a liberal arts education, and reassure them that their child can thrive after college with a liberal arts degree.

 Print Artifact: Informational Booklet

This simple informational booklet is intended for public distribution, available to the public, free of charge.

Digital Artifact:

A simple, scrolling website proved to be the most effective way to present the information in an orderly fashion.

Street-level Marketing Artifact: Window Banner

This large-scale banner is geared towards the busy pedestrian. I generated a QR code for this one, so those with smartphones are directed to

How to get ideas for good color schemes

I got this idea because since I sketch to come up with ideas for paintings, I wanted to do something that could be translated more easily to a painting.

Using shapes and colors instead of lines, you’re already using the “language” of painting. This is a really simple technique that anyone can do.

All you need are paint samples (get as many as you can from a hardware store-they’re free), scissors, a gluestick, and your sketchbook.


Look at the colors you like together. Be experimental. Work fairly quickly. Don’t worry too much about the results. When you sketch this way, you’re only working with shape & color, allowing for unexpected results.


Cut shapes out…. glue them down… repeat. Do as many pages of this as you can.

Instead of tossing out the smaller scraps, use them to add detail to your collage.

Use these sketches as references for paintings or designs later on- this way, you’ll arrive at different ideas than if you were using a drawings or photographs.

Of course, this technique can be combined with drawing to add interesting variation & detail! Feel free to experiment, of course.

Oh, and obviously you’re not limited to using paint samples- I also used construction paper and a cut up shopping bag. Seriously, use what you have. It’s the best way to work. I set aside brown paper bags, wrapping paper,  old life drawing newsprint, etc. that I always use in collages. Have fun!