Infographic : 48 Hour Report

For 48 hours, I wrote down every single thing I did, and how much time it took. I was as honest as possible, and the results were a bit surprising.

Sustainable packaging: ink cartridges

The box is designed to conform to the shape of the ink cartridge to save material. Bold, simplistic graphic elements encourage the consumer to recycle all materials involved.

Mars2030: If They Say We Can’t, We Prove Them Wrong!

The ultimate desired outcome would be for young people to read these quotes, and get inspired to become involved in STEM fields, and to inspire these kids to envision themselves working for NASA one day.

smartmouth lip balm by birthday suit cosmetics

This is a logo & packaging concept for a local craftsman who creates lip balm and other cosmetics in small batches, using beeswax and other whole, natural ingredients. I wanted to explore a palette & style that was unexpected for an all natural cosmetics brand, using bold messaging, color, shape & imagery to communicate the […]

Nonprofit Campaign: Mercy for Animals

I designed these posters to raise the viewer’s awareness of the reality of factory farming, while promoting Mercy for Animals as an organization. The use of hand lettering, simple graphics, and textures are intended to create a non-threatening visual appeal to draw the viewer in.

Monongahela Reeds Logo

This is a logo I created for Monongahela Reeds, which is a company that specializes in making quality reeds for oboe and English horn. This is a very special company that is comprised of both human oboe and oboe reed experts, and animal “reed elves”. The name of this company’s mascot is “Gray Baby,” an adorable […]

Flexible Forward: The Liberal Arts and Life After College

Flexible Forward is a visual communications campaign to promote the value of a liberal arts education.

CIFF promotional campaign: See For Yourself

I designed a poster, app, and vehicle wrap, to promote the Film Festival on various platforms.


Acrylic on handmade paper. Currently on view at Up Front Art Space, 127 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, OH This piece is an attempt to deconstruct and decontextualize the color pink. Pink is so closely associated with femininity that we’ve completely separated it from what it actually is: a shade of red. Pinkphobia invites us to […]

I ain’t Dead Yet!

Acrylic on Canvas. A painting about resilience.

BAlloFlex Logo