My Design for CSU’s 50th Anniversary: Celebratory Banners

2014 is the year that Cleveland State University turns 50 years old. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of my alma mater, I have designed a banner series which highlights some of the bragging points of Cleveland State. I used Adobe Illustrator to create a clean, simple vector design that supports the readability of these banners. […]

Flexible Forward

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because the trust is not on the branch, but its own wings.”  Unknown Flexible Forward is a visual communications campaign to promote the value of a liberal arts education. The campaign is geared toward parents of college students who are ambivalent towards their […]

How to get ideas for good color schemes

I got this idea because since I sketch to come up with ideas for paintings, I wanted to do something that could be translated more easily to a painting. Using shapes and colors instead of lines, you’re already using the “language” of painting. This is a really simple technique that anyone can do. All you […]

Skull, Kettle

Student show opens next Friday, the 29th; CSU art gallery on Euclid ave. I hope you can make it!