Artist Statement

As both a designer and artist, I am constantly asking myself what art is, what design is, and where the two intersect. This ongoing investigation directly connects to how I see and interact with the world, and how the world sees me and interacts with me. Here is what I’ve found so far. Design is a process. It’s technical. It’s problem solving. It’s like putting together a puzzle. It makes my brain happy, but it doesn’t conjure up any grand emotions, or tug at my heart strings. It’s become the way I go about life. Iterating, evaluating, critiquing. It’s helped me to function in the world. And I use the tool and process of design when I create art. But art will always be so much more personal than design to me. It’s an expression from within, a reaching out and an attempt to be seen not as a body, a symbol of being, but as an expression of authentic being.